About Us

About Us

We are an Indian Australian couple living in Melbourne, Australia. Both of us grew up in India in humble households and later on lived & worked in London, UK where our paths crossed and our story began.

Travelling took both of our whims and in idealist times we discussed our travel bucket lists. Life took over and the travel bucket list wasn’t going anywhere. Until, we felt a jolt in our lives which woke us up to our dreams. That’s when we both decided to make it happen….to give a solid start to our travel stories.

Our first ever trip was to Europe (not considering our brief trip to Singapore in 2011). Our extensive itinerary covered 24 countries throughout Europe & UK. It took a year’s labor to plan, set and travel!

Explore our blog to read about our experiences and tips for travel which we have learnt by research & our mistakes. Our blog will especially give a good insight for Indians travelling abroad and Vegetarians travelling around the world.

We of course love to travel, we are foodies, and wouldn’t mind a bit of adventure. We work full time when we are not travelling.

Watch this space for interesting facts and figures (geek alert!) and funny travel stories from around the world.

27 countries and travelling …..

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