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Two Days in Dublin, Ireland

Day One

We landed inDublin airport, collected our bag and catches a pre booked air- coach to the city (15-20 mins ride). Got off at O’Connell street stop as it was the nearest stop to our hostel Jacob’s Inn. On our way to the hostel, we stopped at a local grocery store and bought some bananas, local strawberries, lunch (wrap/sandwich with a drink), crackers and cookies. Checked in to the hostel at around 10am and were told that rooms won’t be ready till 3pm. We decided to go and explore the city till then. Went to the locker rooms and re-arranged our stuff from transit mode to city tourist mode. Checked the weather and made sure we carry our jackets. We had a quick lunch in the common rooms (grocery store bought) and went to the nearest tram stop. Bought a €4.80 (for 2) tram ticket – red line- to James’s street to see Guinness Storehouse. Took us 15 mins to reach there. If we walked, it would have been more than 40mins.

DSC01045We bought tickets (€20 each) to visit the storehouse. It was an amazing experience about how the Guinness beer is brewed and the long history of the brand. We even learnt how to pour the perfect Guinness pint. Few interesting facts:

  • the Guinness branded glass is a patented design.
  • if you position the nozzle of the tap just where the word ‘Guinness’ is printed, your glass will be at a perfect 45 degree angle.
  • Fill the glass by pulling the tap lever forward leaving it a bit empty. Rest till the pint settles.
  • Fill up the remaining glass till you see a dome at the top – this time pushing the lever backwards to release nitrogen which forms the dome at the top – a peculiar Guinness trait.

We even got a certificate for learning this! Yay!

Next we went for a beer tasting session which made all the more sense after looking at the extensive exhibits of how it’s made. The roasted barley, hop, nitrogen, yeast and water created the ruby red drink.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-02 at 11.22.02 AMTo top off the wonderful experience we had a pint (the one we poured) at the 7th floor Gravity Bar. Met a lovely couple from Forrest hill, Melbourne, Australia at our shared table. Good chat.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-02 at 6.28.48 AM.jpegWe then moved on and walked to Dublinia, – a vikings exhibition showing their way of life and actual excavated items from historic times. Tickets were €7.5 each. The tickets also gave us free access to the Williams tower which was a 100 step climb (easy steps) to get a birds eye view of the city.

We exited from the side of Christ Church Cathedral (Protestant). There was an entry fee but we chose not to go in. We relaxed for a while in the lawns before moving forward.

Ireland-Dublin-Brazen-HeadNext on the list was Brazen Head – oldest Irish pub established in —-. We had a look at the menu beforehand and found the food to be too pricey for a dinner stop. So we decided to experience the cosy and historical pub with a pint for Jay and thick cut chips to share.

By this time (6pm) we were very worn out as our day had started at 3pm from London.
We went back to the hostel and crashed.

What a start!

Day Two

Early night in meant early rise. Woke up at 5:30am and got ready for our free hostel breakfast. We were one of the first ones to arrive and we enjoyed the bread, butter, jam, cereals and coffee. Waited for the eggs that never came out.
It was a cold rainy day in Dublin and our NGX2 jackets got their opportunity to shine. We decided to go for a walk and come back for the free walking tour that began from the hostel at 10am. We started walking towards the temple bar and decided to try the best Irish coffee as per an article online. Hunted down the ‘stage door cafe’ and were amused at the unique interiors. Ordered an Irish coffee and a Baileys coffee (€7.95 each) to tick off our bucket list of traditional foods/drinks. The coffees were yummy and staff gave us some tips on where to get the best fish and chips (lunch research)! We then bought our souvenir for the country and a few postcards to send.


Next stop – Dublin Castle. Reached there at 10:30 and bought tickets for the 11:30 guided tour (€10 each). To kill time, we took some photo ops and relaxed in the coffee shop.
Tour started at 11:30am. Our lovely tour guide ran us through the history of Britishers in Ireland and showed the state rooms, excavation sites and a beautiful cathedral. For lunch we bought traditional cod fish and chips with salt and vinegar from Leo Burdock. Had lunch on the lawns of Christchurch cathedral. As we missed the 10am walking tour we decided to join the 2:30pm one. The skies had cleared on us and we were in for some sun. Free walking tour started from the central bank and once again we were greeted by our humourous tour guide Rory.
The tour was very informative and gave us a good insight on the colonial history of Ireland. It was amazing to feel the pride of the tour guide for his country’s language and culture. The tour ended in Trinity college. We spent some time there after our guide left us.

DSC01146.JPGAll this walking made us super hungry. We decided to go and try traditional Irish food for dinner. Looked for a place with an option for a good vege stew. We found Gallagher’s boxty house on few articles and also highly rated on trip advisor. It was in temple bar area. On our way to the restaurant we explored the summer market around temple bar. Boxty house usually requires a reservation but because we were early (5:30ish) we managed to get a table. I ordered summer vege stew with soda bread and Jay got traditional Irish cobble with soda bread. For drinks we ordered a local brew of beer. It was a great place with pleasant atmosphere.


After dinner we started walking towards our hostel. On the way we had to buy stamps for the postcards we bought. The post office was closed so we went around a few stationary and corner shops looking for them. Only managed to get 2. Posted the cards for sunder and rajakaka from the GPO. On the way we made a brief stop at Ha Penny bridge. Took some photos and walked to the hostel.

Since we had to catch an early morning flight, we had a shower and packed our bags and called it a day.

We were truly amazed by Dublin.

Date Visited: 1th August 2017 to 2th August 2017

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