Our Itinerary For Backpacking Europe for 3 months

We did a trip around Europe for on August until October in 2017. We travelled for 92 days, visiting 24 countries and 67 destinations. Our goal was to travel during a time when the cost will be low and also the weather will be good. We worked out that to fulfil this requirements August to October will be a good time. August being the last month of summer and by October we would finish right at the start of winter. Also we thought of travelling from colder countries to warmer countries hence chasing the sun. Also peak tourist finished in August. Going any later would not have been favourable as a lot of interesting places close during winter.

Below is the detailed itinerary we followed. We had booked everything in advanced and it all kinds worked for us. We only had to miss one destination. We visited everything else and had a lot of fun.

To get started some important highlights of our trip are as below:

  • 24 countries
  • 52 destinations
  • 3 months
  • 40,000+ kms
  • 49 Trains
  • 12 Flights
  • 3 Ferry / Caterman
  • 5 City Water Cruise
  • 8-10 Bus Trips
  • 28 Accomodations
  • 24 Activities

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